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New to the message board and looking for advice. Purchased a 2003 Murano (new) with alternator failure at 3000 miles.

Yesterday, went to the garage and the headlights and tailights were blinking and a mysterious ticking sound. No lights left on.....battery dead.

After jumping, started right up but interior lights don't work.

Took to Nissan dealer today and after 2.5 hours, they decided that the "Controller Assembly" was defective and a replacement was ordered.

I have read similar posts that pointed to the IPDM Module as the basis for the problem. Some dealers recommended not driving the vehicle until repaired, my dealer says no problem to drive.

Since the vehicle lights turned on by themselves and drained the battery, is it dangerous to leave the car parked in the garage...and is it safe to drive in Orlando traffic?

Any advice is appreciated!


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Wow, where'd you read the similar posts? I missed those...

As far as driving a vehicle with lighting that's not operating correctly, I'd ask the dealer to put it in writing that they feel it's OK to drive that way. Then if the Murano does something like, signaling a turn that you didn't make, or the other way around and you get hit by another driver as a result, you'll have some recourse on them.

Taken to an extreme of course. You could also use it against them in case they find something else wrong and try to blame it on you for driving it that way.

I'd be telling them to just get on with fixing it.
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