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Hello everyone,

I'm from australia and I have just bought a brand new top of the line murano ti (your LE I believe)

It has basically everything, satnav, Bose stereo etc, but one thing I have noticed that's missing compared to your model is the iPod integration.

I have the AUX inputs behind the centre console, which work ok with my iPhone, but I have no control from the steering wheel.
What i would like to have is the iPod display on the touch screen.

Does anyone know where the 30pin connector plugs into?
I would assume that the socket is there, just with nothing plugged into it, as Australia always seems to get the stripped down version of evereything (I also don't get the card slot either but i don't care for that)

I can't see Nissan changing the entire satnav box/electrics just so they didn't have to include the iPod integration...

If anyone knows where everything goes and/or is, that would be great.

Hopefully i can get an aus Nissan dealer to install it for me, or if it is simple plug and play, buy the cable and plug it in myself.


Hi I live in the USA and I too have a Nissan Murano 2010 model that doesn't have a plug for the iPod center console thing thought maybe it was just a mistake and never put in the vehicle I searched the web myself and all I could find was a plug strictly for actual iPod not iphones or even one that came with a adapter for a aux cord to plug into your phone my Bluetooth also only works the phone doesn't store numbers or the address book if this helps just search. 2010 Nissan Murano awd le iPod plug images shows a 30pin plug on one end and the other to directly plug a iPod into it .

Best of luck Annie from the USA
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