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Not sure is this is covered in another thread. I did a quick search and came up empty.
As this Thursday will be my first trip in for service on my MO (Had it for 2 weeks, bought used with 24K miles). I'm taking it in for the CD player problem with the left speakers.
My MO was originally bought and used in New Jersey and since I'm in way upstate NY, my dealer was not the original dealer or service point for the car.
I wondered if Nissan's service database tracks repairs on cars. My last Lexus dealer could tell me exactly what service was done on the car anywhere as long as it was done at a Lexus dealer.
So would I be able to tell if for example the alternator was ever replaced or if the recommended service was done? There is no documentation anywhere in the history section of the manuals.

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the answer is NO (none that i know of).

There is a feature in website for owner's of nissan vehicle to:
- keep track their maintenance record.
- display preferred/local nissan dealer
- remind you when it is time for service
- it will send you coupons (by mail) when your estimated milage is close to service time.

But, to my knowledge, nissan service database is *not* centralized. Unless you are bringing it in to the same dealer (same flagships will do: let say Cochrane Nissan in Boston or NY is ok), they will not have the service records.

Your only hope is the prev owner does keep track of the maintenance or have copies of the record or has the profile updated everytime he/she did a service.

I recall there was this thread where a forum member bought a used MO and it was a lemon (trainny/engine problem i recall).
Nissanusa will not start warranty work on the car unless he/she can produce proofs that the car has been maintained properly by the prev owner. He, on the other hand, was hoping that nissan keep track on maintenance record of the vehicle and therefore he is buying the used MO. Catch33 :4:

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I think some dealers are connected to a central database, but its not a standard practice. Nissan does keep a service history of warranty repairs, but its slow to update and usually will not be "in the computers" at the dealership if no one updates the systems frequently. This also leads to dealers having no knowledge of TSBs, even if the TSB is a year old.
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