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The Car Connection has the survey results from JD Power's 2004 APEAL rankings and surprising Nissan did fairly well.

Of note:

Full-Size SUV
Highest Ranked: Nissan Armada
#2 Toyota Sequoia
#3 GMC Yukon (Total)

Light-Duty Full-Size Pickup
Highest Ranked: Cadillac Escalade EXT
#2 Nissan Titan
#3 Ford F-150 LD

Midsize SUV
Highest Ranked: Nissan Murano
#2 Kia Sorento
#3 Dodge Durango

Entry Luxury SUV
Highest Ranked: Lexus RX 330
#2 Infiniti FX-Series
#3 BMW X5

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Nice to know that we are driving No.1 and No.2...............:D

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I read that JD Power surveys are not available to the public unless they are purchased from JD Power (usually by auto companies) to promote their products. Seems a bit like shameless advertising to me. So, I do not know how much faith I would on JD Power surveys.

This isn't Consumer Reports.
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