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Your Murano:
  • Does the infamous Jerks/ Bucking when accelerating?
  • Doesn't seem to have enough power?
  • Engine Stutters/ Sputters during acceleration?
  • Takes a few tries to start the engine?
  • Most aftermarket sensors from Amazon, Ebay, Autozone, Pepboys and Advanced Auto Parts don't work?

!!! Solution Found !!!

Replace your Crankshaft Position Sensor (CKP) with a Denso 196-4012 (OEM Supplier). That is the only aftermarket one I've found to work. There are sensors sold under different brands made by the same factory Denso sources from.

Those are stamped
A29-662 L41
SGI B002 1707A4
I've struggled with the same problem for 2 Years and tested and examined many (9) aftermarket CKP Sensors for my '06 SL V6 AWD and was able to determine that the ohms, resistance and signal frequencies were rejected by the Engine Control Module (ECM). This is so be cause the values are very specific for the ECMs in Nissan Vehicles to properly recognize the component.

Additionally, the silent failure of the CKP will not be detected with a basic OBD scan and you will not see a check engine light in many cases for it.

Below are Pics of the Denso CKP that works really well so far.
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Camera accessory Material property Cylinder Font Gas

Below are Pics of a CKP Sensor sold to me on Amazon as a Nissan 23731-AL60E which failed in less that a year.
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On a cool engine the Sensor Swap takes 5 mins with a 10mm socket and small ratchet to remove the small bolt securing it under the engine, near the front exhaust manifold.
Just squeeze the release tab to remove the connector socket from the old one.
Swap, clip tighten and you're done.
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