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Jerking while slow start - Murano 2010 LE AWD - 115K miles

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I recently bought this Murano 2010 LE AWD - 115K miles. It's in amazing shape and working great, except three points which I need expert opinion

1. When I start and little acceleration, I feel like some jerking a bit. As soon as I apply acceleration (5miles or more) it runs smoothly. From history, car didnt have transmission fluid change which I have done and bit improvement but still it's not gone.

2. The moonroof makes lots of sound when I drive at 40+ MPH. I think, there is like half an inch distance between the glass and the body. Is that normal? Just wind defector will do the job.

3. The moonroof opens fine, but making clicking sounds like it will break. I am planning to lube once the tracks, but any obvious things which can help me resolve myself.

I am a novice in automobile internals. Just know how to drive.
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