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New to the forums. I purchase a used 2018 Nissan Murano in March, just a few weeks before Shelter in Place. It had high mileage, but otherwise it's been great (although I have barely had a chance to driven it馃槱). So three questions...

1) Battery indicator for key fob came one. Trying to change the battery, but I can NOT separate the pieces. It feels like someone super glued it back together! It was a former rental car, so the possibility is pretty high that someone did. And considering the mileage, ALOT of people have driven this car, smh. Any tips to get it apart? At this point I am destroying it trying to pry it open馃槼. Will I tiny bit of WD 40 around the edges ruin it?

2) I have driven less the 1000 miles in 5 months (thanks Covid馃檮), I do I still take it in for maintenance?

3) One side of the temperature gauge display appears like blue/red colors rather than white like the other side? Is it a bulb issue? Or an overheating problem? Seems to happen when the temperaturesmget out of hand.

Thanks in advance for help with ANY of these!!!

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1. My key fob was also very hard to take apart the first time I took it apart. I thought it was going to break but eventually it gave way. Here is a link to a video to show how it's done just incase your prying the wrong spot.

2. I'm not mechanically inclined enough to answer. I've always just changed mine every 8000km regardless how many months driven.

3. Mine is all white.

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You can either use a tweezer or a small flathead screwdriver to open from the inside of the FOB. You have to remove the key to open it. It's not hard to do. Watch a YouTube video on it.
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