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Later model LED cluster gauges/instrument panel in KPH scale (canadian model) wanted

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone sells gauges like following: (see attached image).

I saw one in this thread:

Thanks in advance,


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i would love to upgrade mine with that one too. If someone knows where to find it ( KMPH ) please share, we appreciate this.
EDIT: also id want to know what happens if you install a MPH instrument cluster on a KMPH car? would it work?
Yes, it will work, but the odometer will count in miles, instead of kilometers. Also, the kmh inner scale is so small, and not precise, and most likely you will got some ticket for being over speed limit (I guess),
Please let me know if you found one. ALL i can find on Ebay canada or elsewhere are MPH. I think in canada they use Miles too.. Please update me as well.
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Try the Australian, New Zealand Countries and other English speaking Countries that use the Metric measurement system.
Australia is like a different planet, i Guess shipping and stuff would cost a leg and arm lol
I get that, but I'm just curious how it relates to my post that Canada uses KPH...

I really want to get the joke! I strained my brain but came up with nothin...
Canada Uses kmph. But in ebay canada all i find is mph. Are there any specific site to look for items ( car items like this cluster) that is kmph only ? or maybe i dont know how to use yet ?
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so just to get this discussion back into its reels.. I ordered mine but just figured it has VDC... Mine doesnt have VDC... would a Cluster with VDC work on a vehicle without VDC?
Hi, I am still looking for a dash. Shipping within the US. Thanks!
Sry the guy i looked for, was in Canada, wanted $25 just for pulling it out and 30 for posting it. the cluster was around 40 itself.
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