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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

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Moved to Washington DC area from Fairbanks, Alaska, 8 years ago and have been missing the snow ever since. Got my Murano in December with high hopes of driving it on something other than dry pavement and then it actually snowed here over the Christmas break!

The Murano did OK in the snow and ice. Lots of traction, but there wasn't enough snow to really see how it would make it through anything serious.

Finally, it snowed over 2 feet in one weekend just recently. I took it out for 2 hours one night on unplowed streets, up icy snow-covered hills, slaloming around light poles and barrels at speed through deserted parking lots, etc. This thing kicked butt. I was one of a few people actually mobile during the "Blizzard of 2003." Was able to break a trail for a few other trucks, got my neighbors groceries, made it into work, etc., etc. Chalk that up to the Murano doing just fine in the semi-deep and icy stuff -- and knowing how to drive.

I drive it in the snow with the VDC off and this makes for a lot more fun and more predictable handling (for those of us used to compensating for slides, etc., ourselves rather than relying on technology to adjust). VDC on is a buzz kill in my opinion ... but probably nice to have on for general driving (and for people unfamiliar with driving on ice/snow). AWD lock in the deep stuff from a stand still was needed. But all in all, this thing powered through all sorts of stuff -- no problem.

Very pleased with my purchase ...
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Yes, I would get 18" snow tires. I think the Goodyears on this thing are poo. Fortunately for me, IMO, we move to Orlando at the end of June so I won't have to worry about next winter. :)
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