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Hello all, this is my first post and I have researched the posts here on the website but could not find any on this topic. The problem I experienced was yesterday morning when I first started my MO, a loud clacking noise was coming from the engine as if no oil was in it. I immediately turned it off, checked the oil level and it was fine. Restarted engine same thing. Let it run for five minutes and the noise slowly died down to a low clacking noise. I then drove my MO around for about ten minutes and the noise/sound went away. Could never ever get it to duplicate. One thing I noticed was when I first turned it on and immediately turned it off, I also smelled a strong gasoline order. This also went away after I drove it around.

Only other thing was Sunday (the day before) I left my MO parked in my drive way (deep decline) for a few hours as I cleaned my garage. When I pulled my MO in the garage after I finished I smelled a strong gasoline order. Did not think twice about it until the next morning when this problem occurred.

My MO is a 2004 SE, 18k, never been serviced by the horrible NISSAN service folks other than the occassional oil changes. This also is the first occurrence.. Never ever had a problem with my MO.

This occurred yesterday (Oct 31) morning and it has not repeated since. I drove my MO real hard on the highway to blow out anything to be on the safe side, and it performed as always. No sounds at all.

I was tempted to take it to the dealer, but they will not be able to duplicate it because it runs fine now. I was thinking the transfer case could also be the problem, but in that post the person said the heard a loud whining noise like from the power sterring unit. This was a different noise as if the pistons in the engine were moving with no oil at all. I do not know if this was the case, but I have heard that sound before on old cars and it sounded like that on my MO.

Anyone had this problem before or have any suggestions. I know most of you will say take it to the dealer to be on the safe side, and I will....but I wanted to see if any MO owners had addtional advice to give. I plan to check the transfer case for leakes today. Will keep everyone posted if this becomes a major problem for MO owners.
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