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PART 2 frm. Dunlop/Goodyear

LATEST UPDATE PART 2 From Dunlop/Goodyear

From: [email protected] on 04/14/2005 11:42 AM

Sent by: Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Consumer
Relations 728 1144 East Market Street Akron, OH 44316
Voice #: 800.321.2136 Fax #:


Thank you for contacting our web site.

I apologize for not knowing the tire was winter tire
before I e-mailed. I should have researched more and I
do apologize.

Other than the Grandtrek SJ5 there is only another
winter tire manufactured in that size and the Eagle LS is
the only tire we
manufacture at this time that is made for the Nissan
Murano for all season driving. Unfortunately, we are
not made aware of future
production for specific sizes, but as demand increases
for that size so may our consideration for producing
other tires in that
particular size.

Eric Kulton
Consumer Relations

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This is a winter tire I think, not really suitable for the other three seasons. Or is the WT3 the winter tire from Dunlop. In either case, its a truck tire, and most likely will not deliver the handling/comfort of the more car oriented Goodyears.

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The Dunlop Grandtrek SJ5 is a light truck winter tire. I considered a set but couldn't find any stock so opted for Pirelli Scorpion Ice and Snow tires that I am very pleased with.
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