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I had the oil changed this morning and the dealer did the usual free inspection but this time they also gave me a print out of the battery test. It says "Battery meets or exceeds specs" and the scale is showing maximum. 12.5V, 593 CCA vs 550 CCA specs, 77°F. Not sure how accurate this is and if it's a real load test or not but my vehicle is only 2 years old with very little mileage. Curious to see how my wife's 2015 Juke will respond to this test (41/2 years old) when she'll go for her oil change. Both have the same battery (group 35). No corrosion on battery terminals of both vehicles however I think it would be safe to change the Juke's battery before it craps out and my wife gets stranded. Next time I go to Costco, I may buy one!
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