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Mine all mine!

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Okay, last night, I bought it. I opted for the leather and all that jazz =0)

Sunlit Copper
Touring Pkg (incl the sunroof pkg and wind deflector, etc)
Appearance Pkg (dealer thing with a pinstripe and a couple other things, I dunno if I like the pinstripe but hey)

Price: $31k and change (invoice was 30,569 if exactly as I wanted it but this one had a few more things) - I got them to lop off the dealer processing crap (and then some!) at the very last second as well, after they had already dropped from $34,455.

They gave me $11k for my trade, not bad, only 500 bucks off bluebook (another dealer quoted me 9500). Plus I handed them $7500 cash so I'm financing $14000 or thereabouts once the tax is factored in and such. I'd *better be* approved for the 2.9% =0)

I pick it up tomorrow, and they've even given me a loaner Mo until then - not quite as loaded, but it's a bordeaux with cabernet leather interior. Not a fan of the cabernet, myself.

Driving the Murano is so very different from a fullsized pickup (of course). While the 03 Ram I had was the most refined ride in all of truckdom, it was missing some creature comforts. I will sorely miss it, to be sure, but am looking forward to some adventures in on-roading. The loaner Mo's cargo bay is already hosting one of my bass guitars this morning, fits perfectly with the cargo cover in place and all. (and the bass I've got with me today has a larger, z-shaped body so the overall dimensions of it when bagged or cased are larger than usual)

Sorry for the novel, but I can't wait to pick up *my* Mo tomorrow.
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Another happy addition to the hive. Gongrats.:26:
Excellant! Congrats! I like your choice colour! ;)

I want to see your Bass...

Here's what I put in mine, sometimes...



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Jaak - nice axes, man!

Will put up pictures of my basses as soon as I have a nice family shot. I play Warwick basses, and I have one BC Rich guitar which is pretty sweet as well. Maybe lay them out in the mo! =0)

Oh, and I realized this morning that, unlike the Appearance Package on the Mo in the showroom, mine *doesn't* have a pinstripe! yaay! I'm not a huge fan of the pinstripe on most vehicles. Liked the one on my truck but that was a rare case.
jammadave said:
Appearance Pkg (dealer thing with a pinstripe and a couple other things, I dunno if I like the pinstripe but hey)
I'd like to know what else the "Appearance Package" comes with.

My dealer tried to sell me the $200 pinstripe. I said take that sh*t off.
heya Caruso. I dont remember what-all it entails. If it's on my winduh sticker I'll let you guys know. I was thankful to see that no 200 dollar pinstripe is on my car, so I also hope there are no 600 dollar floormats or 300 dollar mud flaps on the sticker either =0)
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