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Today I hooked up my flatbed trailer to my 2wd F-150 to take my son's go-cart out into the hills for an afternoon of fun. About a mile away from the truck, the chain broke on the go-cart in the middle of a sandy wash.

We walked back to the truck, and I decided to drive close to the wash so that I could push the go-cart into the back of the trailer. I pulled up next to the wash, but it was sandy there, too. My truck got stuck. I ended up unhooking the trailer and putting branches underneath the rear wheels to gain some traction. I got the truck unstuck.

Now I had a go-cart in the middle of the wash and a trailer on the side of it. I went home and got my MO, though I wasn't thrilled about the idea of using it out in the hills.

MO drove right up to the trailer, no problem. I hooked it up and it pulled it, no problem. I drove the MO with the trailer down into the wash, no problem. Pushed the go-cart into the trailer and started pulling it down the wash, no problem.

By this time it was getting dark. As I drove down the wash, I missed the only road going out of the wash. I realized I had gone too far when the wash suddenly dropped down. Now I was faced with doing a u-turn in the middle of the wash pulling a trailer hauling a go-cart.

No problem. I made the turn and even had to go up a little on the bank. I found the road and drove out of the wash and on to the highway.

I couldn't believe how well MO did in the wash. It slipped a tiny bit in the sections with the deepest sand, but kept going. I don't plan on going 4-wheeling in it, but it sure saved the day today!
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