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I keep lookin for my fellow buddies here and chase down most Mo's I can find..... (pssssst Admin, the sticker would certainly help that) *wink wink, nudge nudge*
So today I saw this nice dark blue Mo up ahead about 10 cars, I figured I would neva catch up. But within a half mile I staged a side by side at a light. It hung back for a few seconds......I waited.....then it pulled up along side me. The elderly (at least 65) gentleman briefly glanced at me and I waved and smiled. He nodded his head without reaction.
I went, "old fart".
I hope it wasn't one of you.
Oh yeah, waiting to pull out onto the same road after I visited my wife at her work I was passed by an x5 and the pretender--an RX330. Before they knew it, both saw the Mo's tail lights go by them.
I LOVE to do that!

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Mo's in da House

I saw three at Bahama Breeze restaraunt. I was nice enough to give my premo parking spot to a Glacier Pearl Mo, I saw a Blue and a Gold also. Glacier Pearl Mo Man didn't even acknowledge my Mo Betta Blues. Yesterday I was in the far left lane at the red light and realized I needed to be in the far right, Ds took care of that in a hurry. Went past a Durango like he was standing still.
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