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Well, today I tried out the Mr. Clean AutoDry carwash. This is a device that costs around $20.00 that you attach to your hose and wash your car with. It's supposed to leave a spot-free finish so that you don't have to hand dry your car.

The first step is to attach your hose to the "leak resistant" hose hook-up. Leak-resistant doesn't mean leak-proof. It dripped the whole time. I guess I can add a washer to fix that problem.

Second step is to wet down the car. No problem there. Water came out at a decent pressure. Then you use the soap. It came out fine, but I guess I used too much because I ran out about half-way through and had to add more. Either that, or they assume you're washing a Mini Cooper. You then do another rinse to remove the soap.

Final step is the de-ionized rinse. This was a little surprising because the water comes out like a mist. You have to stand no more than a foot away to rinse the car off. I wish it had more pressure, but it didn't really take that long to rinse off. When I was finished, I just left the car to dry on it's own to see if it really would dry spot-free. To my surprise, it did.

The main reason I purchased this was to save some time. It usually takes me about an hour and a half to wash and dry, but today it took about 40 minutes. It's not a perfect product, but it did serve it's purpose.
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