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Hi, I would like to share my latest experience... since I cannot find an exact same situation after some searches.
(MO 2005 with 120 K km)

3 days ago, I was pulling a small trailer with a small boat (load is maybe 500lbs max), and when I got back home, I couldn't put the shifter back in Park (neither in Reverse) position. Did some searches and figured out that i could use the "Shift Lock" hack to release the shifter ....

So in the meantime I figure out what going on, I had to get my small boat out of the river, and back my MO on the boat ramp... whan I tried to get out of there, my MO would not have enough power to get out of the slopped boat ramp, unless someone helped me out by pushing a bit on the car...

I thought my transmission was dead...

I finally went to the nissan dealer and they told me that my brake fuse was burned... this was probably caused by an electrical wiring shortcut on the trailer wiring (either on the trailer or on the wire / connector that comes out of the car)

I am still searching the exact cause for the shortcut, but I wanted to share this experience in case someone was experiencing the same

in my case, only the SLIP and VDC OFF light was on.... (Not the ABS or other lights were lit)

I will keep a spare fuse in my car (lessons' learned)

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