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Hey guys!

I'm creating this post because the main discussion was created not by me, but by the admin of this forum a long time ago and it's not showing in our business profile of the forum :)

But it's a good time to remind you that if you own 2015-2018, it doesn't support CarPlay/Android Auto (2015-2017.5 doesn't support both, 2017.5-2018 support CarPlay only) and we can fix it via a quick and easy update via SD card

❓ Why do you need it?
✅ If your car doesn't have CarPlay or/and Android Auto functions, you will get them (exclusive!)
✅ If you lost your SD we will restore it!
✅ Works on any Nissan Murano Z52 (European, American, Korean cars)
✅ If your car was imported to Europe, you will get European Navi maps, European radio
✅ Installing remotely via SD! No need to remove/disassemble/solder/swap your system
✅ No need to install a low-quality aftermarket stereo/install a 2018+ Murano stereo, use your OEM system like never before
✅ Regular FREE updates
✅ Support from A to Z

Here is the main thread, where you find discussions, feedback and ask your questions
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