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I just traded my 2010 Murano LE for a 2016 SL with Tech. I loved the 2010 and it was relatively trouble free. Never left me stranded, CVT was perfect, the only repairs I had were a wheel bearing and tie rods or control arms. I was the second owner. The vehicle felt sporty to drive and performed great, albeit a bit rougher due to the 20 inch tires. It always felt rock solid and fit and finish were fine. Originally I planned to take this car to 200K but you know how it is you get the bug to buy something new. I really wanted to update to streaming music, new NAV system, some safety features and I really liked the 360 cameras. Turns out I love the new Murano body style and the interior, especially the seats, and the items just mentioned. Hill assist was a big one lacking on the the 2010. I cross shopped the Murano with the Edge and Grand Cherokee. The seats in the Edge were horrible and I thought the interior was a sea of black. I also didn't think it felt as solid as the Murano. The Jeep was great, it's Jeep solid ( but I think that diminishes over time) power was adequate and it had all the tech but none of the safety features. It was a close second but the Murano won out based on interior seats, safety features and familiarity. I also already have a set of snow tires and wheels that will fit it.

For me it was the right choice. Others may disagree, but hey this is a Murano forum. I decided to go used instead of new and got the 2016 SL with tech. I'm generally pleased with it. It's familiar, yet different than the 2010 in many ways, not all of them better. I do feel as though the 2010 was more solid and by that I mean It felt heavy, road gripping, and handled well. All the interior materials were, for its day, top notch. I love the 2016 and all the things about it I mentioned above. I also think the CVT is an improvement over the 2010. The gas mileage is better and the ride is much more supple and comfortable. I think there was a trade off there between a luxurious ride and handling over the 2010. I think the plush ride won out over the sportiness of the previous generation. I also think that although the interior is superb there are a few areas where I can see cost cutting; the floor mats, the compartment with the usb and aux connector and the mis aligned interior bits down by where the dash meets the floor and doors.

I still love it and it's a definite evolution of the mode. Those are my thoughts about the differences between generations. I'd be interested in hearing what others thought going from one generation to another.
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