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My dad and I were messing around with wheels for his new X-trail. We decided to try the 18" Murano SE tire Wheel combo on his ride. Well the tires are too big for the X-Trail but it looks like the rims will fit with a 225/50-r18.

Anyhow, We were wondering about the weight of the wheel itself.

I got the tire weight off of the Tire Rack site (34 lbs). My measurement using a digital scale was 58.6 lbs.

Could this be? 24.6 Lbs seems quite low for a pretty beefy wheel.

As a comparison, the X-Trail wheel/tire combo weighs in at 46.2 lbs. The Dunlup ST20 Grandtreks 215/65-R16 are 26 lbs according to tire rack. the Wheel weight here would be 20.2 lbs.

Any comments or confirmations on this for the Murano Wheel weight?
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