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I thought since there has been so much discussion on Murano vs MDX, I would post it as a new topic.

I have yet to drive the Murano, but I really liked the MDX when I drove it a few months ago. However, The $37,500 base for the touring version was just too much $$$. Sure I could pay it, but I just don't want to pay that much for any vehicle.

So I have been anxious to see/drive/touch the Murano and plan on looking very hard at a SE (2wd) with the Popular Package that hopefully will top out at around $32,500. I would like the AWD for handling, but it is hard to justify in Central Florida.

I like what I see so far in Murano, but I will not pay a premium just to be one of the first owners. I plan to wait at least until the end of January to start looking seriously.

In terms of performance between the two, I think quickness should go to Murano. It has more HP and weights ~ 500 lbs less than MDX (4392 -vs- 3900 i read). This weight difference should also help the Murano out-handle the MDX on the curves.

Another factor is the Murano engine pumps out 290 HP in the 350Z. So I will be looking for Nismo upgrades for the engine as long as the CVT can handle it. And yes, I am planning to build a Murano Z

The one thing that did really impress me with the MDX was the very short turning radius. I read another Murano review last week that claimed the Murano turning radius was large, leading to difficulity in parking (for the reviewer). Any of you Murano drivers check that out?

Anyway, Im sure one of the Auto Mags will run a head to head with Murano, MDX and others. It will be good to see how they each stack up during "sport" driving.

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