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OK, a few hours does not make for a true comparison test but here are my observations......

For reasons I won't specify here I wound up driving around in my friend's 2004 Cadillac Escalade for a few hours yesterday. It's a black, loaded, big a$$ SUV that he absolutely loves. I would never trash the thing to his face, but since he's not looking, here goes....

First, the performance and maneuverability were horrid. It was sluggish, and cornered like a freaking overloaded pickup truck. He brags it has the most horsepower in its class, that may be true, but it's sure not distributed effectively. Off the line, I think I could beat it with a bicycle. While it felt stable around bends, I still felt like I had to hang on so she wouldn't roll. Absolutely no match for the MO.

The seating was OK. A little firm for my liking. I couldn't get the lumbar adjustment flat enough, it felt like I had a softball in my back.

The gauges seemed weird. It took me a few seconds to find the clock. It was a little analog thing. The speedometer and tach were right where they should be though. I was really tempted to hit the little button on the Onstar system, I just wanted to ask if they ever had any intelligent people call them, or just the idiots I hear on the radio... "Oh my God, I hit a tree..."

This thing is way too big. OK, so it seats 45, big deal. 90% of my drive time requires seating for 1. The other 10% is more than accommodated with room for 5. Your figures may vary. Parking this beast can be a real annoyance. You need a space and 1/2 just to open the doors.

Your MO has more storage capacity than the Escalade, I don't care what the specs say..

Bottom line. Pound for pound, the MO blows this thing away. If you need that much seating, buy a MO and a 7 passenger Taurus wagon for the same $$ as this Cadillac.

Love Da MO!

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MVTCFP said:
This thing is way too big. OK, so it seats 45, big deal. 90% of my drive time requires seating for 1.
OK! That line had me laughing outloud! I agree. I've looked inside them at the car shows and online...I dont see why people spend the money on them. The electric blue ones are pretty sharp, but so is my sunlit copper MO, and its practical!:2:

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Me and my son were laffin our a$$es off at this one!
Best laugh I have had all day.
MVT, you just may take the jester crown from jaak....


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Lots of ppl like to put escalade with the blink blink look.,...

Lots of movie stars and celebrities also drive escalades.

I dont know, escalades have become the Rolex of suv. There are many other brands that i think can compete with rolex quality: tag heur/piaget....
Its all about the symbol.
Welcome to the world of capitalism. :rolleyes:
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