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I have now 50,000 trouble free mile on my 2003 MO. I still love this thing and am not looking foreward to the day when my lease is up like in past cars. I moved it from Chicago to PHX and now it has a full tint job. Great having a Black MO in the desert.
I just purchased a 2005 NBC Turbo and I love it. But I will say this. With all the complaining about Nissan's cheap interior details, which I happen to not have a problem with, check out a VW. Yes its a fun car to drive and it's great with no top but I'm glad I have my MO.
I will say NewBeetle fans have a great forum and website. So of course I am starting to write there too.
I will say that the audio system came with XM and a built in antenna in the dash.
But it doesn't match the Bose Nissan sound.
I'll take some pics of the NBC and the my MO that still looks as if I just drove it off the lot yesterday.

The MO that is.
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