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I have a 2013 Murano SV and I do my majority of driving at night. Having worked overnight for over a year and noticing how much less traffic there is I just continued to do so even after I no longer worked that shift.

This is why it is so important to me I have good headlights. I had reached out to supernova and they did provide me with Low beams (LB), High beams (HB) and fog lights (FL). Everything written here is exclusively my opinion and it was posted without first showing to supernova.

I want to start with replacing the old bulbs with the new leds. The process is very straight forward, the most basic process of twist out the old bulbs and then unplug, followed by plugging in the new leds and twisting it into the socket. Unlike traditional bulbs where you can just twist it in without a care in the world with leds orientation is important. You want the leds to be as vertical as possible with the individual leds pointing to the left and right, This allows for optimal beam pattern. With supernova v4 leds an easy way I found to make sure the orientation is correct is to make sure the wire protruding from the led base either facing up or facing down. Another thing to keep in mind is that led bulbs are polarized so if you plug it in upside down it will not light up. This was a mistake I made a few times but it can be easily fixed, just be sure to plug it in the other way.

Replacing the HB is the easiest as you can just stick your hand under the hood and easily reach them. LB were a tad bit more involved as there are a few pop clips under the hood you will have to remove before you can reach it. It is still very easy even without a specialized pop clip tool, I used a regular flat head screw driver. The most annoying one would be the FL. Either you remove part of the mudguard in front of the wheels or the flap under the bumper in order to reach.

Supernova did make it a lot easier for me to install as they labeled all of the leds with the proper location for our ease. Despite doing a lot of research myself I kept forgetting what socket types were compatible with each location however the tool on the supernova website did make it a lot easier.

One thing important to me was if it would bother drivers around me because of how bright it was and I am happy to say that because of the distinct cutoff of the beam pattern the LB are not annoying. I have attached a (crude) drawing as I was unable to get a good picture of the beam pattern.

In one of my attached pictures I have my old LB with my new FL and you can see how the fog light completely overpowers my old bulbs. It really is a night and day difference.

The HB can easily light up 2 to 3 blocks clearly whereas my old bulb would struggle with 1 block. A large part of why is because the v4 leds are very bright white (6500k) as opposed to the yellow of the bulbs that came with my car.

I cannot recommend more an led bulb upgrade for everyone. The additional safety when driving at night is completely worth it.

Ive linked all my pictures below as some of them were too big to attach
Imgur link:


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