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Hey all:

I had an annoying rattle in the Mo for the longest time. I wasn't going to post until I found and fixed the problem. The rattle sounded almost like a plastic can of pennies shaking. It would occur anytime I hit a moderately sized bump. Smooth roads and large bumps would cause the rattle. At first, I thought it was the child seat locking clip I threw in the front seat's pocket located on the rear of the seat. Then I thought it was related to the window ticks (I have those too!). After several weeks of listening and trying to find the source, I found it. The top lid of the center console in the latched position is not tight. As a result, vibrations from moderate bumps would cause it to rattle. Using a piece of sticky backed felt (like the stuff sold for putting on chair legs to protect wooden floors), I was able to tighten the lid. Sure enough, that stopped the rattle. Now I just have to take care of the ticks. Sheesh!!

Of course, the Mo is still better than my old car (GM). That thing let in so much road noise, you couldn't hear a rattle if it hit you in the head! Hopefully, someone with Mo rattles will be able to use this info.
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