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Hello wise Murano owners.
An older gentleman has asked me to look at his 2007 Murano navigation display which has scrolling line on it.
I went with the quick fix option of replacing it. Unfortunately all the displays for sale on-line and at the wrecking yards have a single white connector. The particular car has multiple connections. It occasionally work when it is cool so I suspect a dry solder joint or a thermally faulty capacitor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Thanks Rod
The picture you posted looks like an aftermarket part, not OEM. Usually, you'll see white connectors on OEM control units as you noted when looking around at wrecking yards. Also, you'll never see a Nissan OEM part with a sticker or other markings that cite a specific model (e.g. "MuranoTFTModule") since control units and other parts are often used across product lines.
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