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Navigation "send to car"

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In the last few days I have wasted nearly 2 hours with Nissan agents, trying to get a solution. My "send to car" simply does not work. Using the app, MY NISSAN> maps from the iphone to my 2019 Platinum, purchased a few months ago, and first attempt to load some destinations. I get the message "sent to car", but they don't show up. Their last suggestion was try Google Maps. That service is no longer an option, and I find it a ridiculous alternative. Any help out there?
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I haven't used that feature in ages. You have to connect the phone/app to the car first. It will disconnect on a whim. It was never reliable enough for me to use not to mention the maps were always out of date for my area (so much new construction). It's easier and more reliable to use Google Maps with Apple Car Play or Android Auto. I am always updating Nissan maps but only recently had the streets around my house show up accurately.
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