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New MO =D new on forum

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hey all! just bought a Pewter '04 Murano SL AWD with 71 miles on it =] 32k out the door, pretty good deal. I posted pix on angelfire >.< so here they are!

enjoy! =D my system and 22's will be in sooooonn..
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congratulations and welcome!

Why don't you post some pics in the galley on this forum.
lol im in class right now and im too lazy. gotta love film class. =D watching the wizard of oz.. haha joyousness.
Gluck fitting those 22's.
32k us i'm guessing.. for a SL no leather.. in canada you can get a better deal! i got a fully loaded se awd less nav for 45k Canadian! brand new!
ordered 20" SSR's today!! =D 20x8.5 and 20x10.5 offsets.. O GAD haha slap on some nice yokohoma's and im good to go! gonna get some eibach's n lower my baby too
nice.. is that your sti too? ;)
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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