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Purchased 4/1/2005 in Iowa.
Nissan Murano SL with every option except Tow, NAV, RES. Inc'l roof rack, mud guards, mats, cargo mat, etc.

Including delivery, MSRP sticker was $35,570
Dealer "Invoice" was $32,592
Edmund's "True Value" was $33,654
CarsDirect Price was $32,792

Price paid was $19,768 + $12,400(trade) = $32,168 + tax and license.

The trade was a 2001 Pathfinder with "Blue Book" trade value between $12,000 and $12,600 depending on how you judge condition.

Process only took two rounds. Dealer's first offer, my counter, Dealer's second offer accepted.

Info offered only for guide to future buyer's. No need to tell me if I got a good deal or not. I never look back.

Thanks to posters here for help in evaluating Murano. But special thanks to posters on various Lexus forums for helping me avoid the RX330 due to it's apparently significant "drive-by-wire" transmission problems.
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