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With Management changes come business changes. I am hopeful this will improve the quality of the organization generally, giving us better service and product from Nissan, especially in North America...

Expanding R&D is also promising, but we won't see the impact of this for at least 3 years, I would expect.


Nissan Announces Management and Organizational Changes [Mar. 23, 04]

- Nissan reinforces organization to prepare for continued profitable growth -

Tokyo (March, 23, 2004) — Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. today announced management and organizational changes, effective April 1. The changes are designed to ensure the successful completion of the company’s three-year business plan, NISSAN 180, which began in April 2002. The company is also preparing its organization for the swift launch of its next three-year business plan, highlights of which Nissan will unveil on April 26, 2004.

“The coming fiscal year 2004 is a crucial year for Nissan. The realigned organization is a tool to aid the company in fulfilling the remaining commitment of NISSAN 180 (one million additional sales) and to put in place a solid foundation for the upcoming deployment and implementation of our next 3-year plan,” said President and CEO Carlos Ghosn.

As part of the management changes, Ghosn will take over responsibility for North American operations. Executive Vice President Norio Matsumura, currently responsible for North America, will become responsible for the company’s Japan operations. Nissan’s Marketing & Sales Division in Japan will be reorganized to make it more customer focused and efficient.

Senior Vice President Toshiyuki Shiga will take full management control of Nissan’s China operations, currently overseen by Ghosn. Shiga will also continue management of the company’s general overseas markets (GOM) operations, comprised of all markets except Japan, North America and Europe.

Other Top Management Changes:
Hiroto Saikawa, currently senior vice president of Nissan’s purchasing function, will be appointed to Nissan’s Executive Committee and assume management of global purchasing from Itaru Koeda, executive vice president and co-chairman of Nissan. Koeda, who has been nominated by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) as the organization’s next president, will continue to oversee the administration of affiliated companies, while adding external and government affairs to his duties.

With Saikawa’s addition to the Executive Committee, the total number of its members will increase from eight to nine members.

Executive Vice President Patrick Pelata, currently head of planning, design and Nissan’s European operations, will take on the added responsibility as head of Nissan’s newly created light commercial vehicle (LCV) business unit. The new business unit has been created to better serve customers of light commercial vehicles and expand Nissan’s presence in this important segment of the global market.

Senior Vice President Bernard Rey, currently in charge of Nissan’s purchasing strategy department, will take over responsibility for the company’s CEO Office. In his new role, Rey will assume responsibility for several corporate administrative functions currently held by Ghosn.

New Senior Vice Presidents:
Kimiyasu Nakamura, vice president of Nissan’s vehicle design engineering division, and Mitsuhiko Yama****a, president of Nissan Technical Center in North America, will be appointed senior vice presidents as of April 1.

Retiring Senior Vice Presidents:
Yukio Kitahora, Shirou Tomii, Hiroyasu Kan and Eiichi Abe will retire as senior vice presidents on March 31.

In addition, Jean-Jacques LeGoff, senior vice president in charge of Nissan’s global marketing department, will step down as of June 30 and return to Renault. Steven Wilhite, currently vice president in charge of marketing at Nissan North America, will succeed LeGoff on July 1.

Other Notable Changes:
Hitoshi Kawaguchi, senior manager of the CEO Office, will become president of Nissan Financial Services Co., Ltd. as of April 1, replacing Minoru Nakamura who is retiring on March 31.

New Auditors:
Nissan will appoint three new auditors pending approval by shareholders at Nissan’s annual shareholders’ meeting in June. The three candidates are Hiroyasu Kan, senior vice president at Nissan, Haruo Murakami, chairman of Japan Telecom, and Shinji Ichishima, deputy president of Mizuho Securities.

Retiring Auditors:
Auditors Haruhiko Takenaka and Hideo Nakamura will retire in June, also subject to approval by Nissan’s shareholders.

Other major organizational changes as of April 1

Intellectual Asset Management:
Nissan will establish an Intellectual Asset Management Office in order to better manage and protect its intellectual property.

Nissan will increase the number of its vehicle design engineering divisions from two to three to be able to develop products that better meet its global expansion as well as more diversified and demanding customers’ requirements.

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Do you think this will make a positive change within Nissan North America?

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i work for a major corporation. I see changes at least every 6 months. I will not comment on outcome. However, i do believe that the change needs to be driven from the top........i have been preaching this for years.........any improvement starts from the top......having said that let's be optimistic;)

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This looks more like a houscleaning rather than just a "change".

And Carlos taking over NA his ownself is intriguing..

They have it turned around now. Now they have to make it a real car company.

That indicates that maybe accessories won't be "tested" by having them run around in the desert to see if the SAT works, or maybe trying to retrofit fixed Thule crossbars to the Murano......

Maybe they will have some minumum criteria for dealer service departments............

All kinds of things could happen.
Or not.

I'm with Kris.
Let's be optimistic.

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