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Ocean State Nissan - Stay Away

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Recently had the dreaded alternator failure at 12,500 miles. The MO died on the way to the dealer...the battery and brake lights were on...telltale sign.
Anyway, the MO died on the way there and I called the dealership. It was after hours, about 6:00pm. The service department is actually open until 9:00...kudos in that respect. The real issue is that they told me they couldn't get me a tow. They said it was NNA's responsibility. After calling NNA, and waiting for 15 minutes to talk to someone. I was told by NNA that it was Ocean State Nissan responsibility. All said and done a state trooper came by and had the MO towed because he wouldn't wait for the dealer and NNA to get their heads out their arses. I ended up having to pay for the tow out of pocket. MO sat at the dealer until it was fixed the next day. They didn't call to tell me it was done! I had to call them later that day to find out! Service manager is impossible to get ahold of. I think he is a figment of their imagination there. Now it's a month later and I still haven't gotten my reimbursement for the tow. It's the same deal as trying to get the tow in the first place. Ocean state says it's NNA's problem to fix, NNA says it's Ocean states problem to fix and I'm not getting anything. Not to mention I still can't get ahold of the elusive service manager. FYI Ocean state nissan is part of the Norwood Motor group in Warwick Rhode Island.
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Please file this info under the "dealer rating" at the box top of the page so all will know. Grip :D
I would go there and do a little performance in the showroom when it is full of potential buyers... That usually does the trick... ;) Too bad we have to do this but there is never a second chance to serve a customer the right way.

And this way you won't have to find the SM. He will find you! lol
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