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I have four (4) OEM 20" wheels from my 2009 LE mounted with Hankook I-Pike 265/50-20 winter tires sitting in my crawl space looking for a new home. The tires are good for at least 1-2 more winters, depending on your winter mileage and will fit Gen1-3 Muranos. I have the winter tire set-up for my 2017.5 planned with my new OEM wheels and Nokias, so this old set-up needs to go. They are the original wheels that came with my 2009 LE and have seen seven Chicago/Wisconsin/UP Michigan winters, so they are not "pretty". Paint has bubbled around the center hub and valve stem where the corrosion usually happens on these wheels. Lips and spokes are in great shape as the wider tires protected them well. Bubbled paint is really the only problem with these wheels. They could easily be refinished for a nice set of 20" OEM wheels. Attached photo is of the WORST looking wheel. The other three wheels have considerably less paint bubbling than this one.

Aluminum scrap value for the wheels are about $100 and that's exactly what I'm looking to sell these for to the first person who wants to come and pick them up. I'm located in a Evanston, suburb just north of Chicago, with easy access on/off the expressway. If you're looking for a quick, winter tire set-up for your MO and live within driving distance, PM me and we can arrange a pickup time that works for both of us. Take care!



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