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Hi all I though I would share my experience with a head unit I purchased and confirm what works and what doesn't and what changed. It has been a struggle to figure out what radio would work that has CP and AA and with a help from another ebayer I was directed towards this model number.

I have 2016 Murano Platinum (Bose 360 camera)
I purchased 2018 Nissan Murano Navigation Display Screen CD Radio Receiver 25915 9UE3A on ebay and can confirm CP and AA both work.

What doesn't work is HD radio that is it that I have seen thus far.
What works: AA and CP both work w/o any other modification other than plugging it in. The screen is of better quality/resolution on 25915-9UE3A vs my 2016 HU. Also to my surprise the sound with the new HU is WAY better. Not sure the reason for it, the 2016 HU needed to have speed adjusted sound level turned on to give a, what I would say, reasonable sound but now it is considerably better w/o that turned on.

For what its worth the person that helped me with this radio also mentioned 25915-9UE3B that it would work similarly to the 3A unit and also without HD radio.
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