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I just installed an OEM Siruis Receiver in my 2005 Murano. Below are some general notes on the install that may/may not have been mentioned in previous posts.

Firstly... I've had Sirius for 2 years and absolutely LOVE it. I have a hard time getting into a car without satellite. When you get it, you will soon see what I mean.



I got the parts directly through Nissan for a total of about $280. That included the tuner, antenna, and antenna splitter (I guess the SAT antenna can do reg radio too, so you need it). Through Grubbs, the total was about $265 (inc. shipping). I dont think that antenna splitter was included at Grubbs.

By the way, I told the guy at Nissan that I could get them for $260 and he gave me a "deal".


I used 4 references to install SAT.... and posts by JAAK and the dudes from FLorida were particularly helpful

- SAT Install Instruction I found on the Grubbs site...

- The directions included in the box from Nissan (it was not much).

- The two sites I see referenced on here a lot....[email protected]/


It took me an easy 4 hours to install but If I were to do it again, I could probably do it in 90 minutes. It was pretty easy.

- Disassembling the back of the MO was simple. The directions on GRUBS (above) made it easy.

- After I got the back end apart and found the wires, I took 5 min to connect up the tuner and antenna to see if it worked and it did. On to the real install....

- The Antenna install was easy. Followed directions in the box I got from Nissan. I cut a notch using a jigsaw with a small blade. It was simple. I did not have rust inhibitor so I dabbed some Rustoleum on it. Used tape to tape the wire down from the roof to the notch I cut as in the directions.

- Snaking the Antenna was simple. I wrapped it in the foam as identified on all directions.

- The wire to the Head Unit was where everyone said... behind the back seat.

- Installing the tuner was simple but I stumbled on it as there are brackets and other gadgets in the box that you dont end up using. I installed the tuner behind the rear seat (on drivers side). You have to cut spacers (2x2 sticky pads) as provided by nissan and stick them together (about an inch high). Then you stick the pads to the floor and stich the tuner on the pads.

So, you are essentially sticking the tuner to the floor. It is raised about an inch as you have to clear a few bolts. This is a pretty good pic though you cant see the sticky pads...

What is ironic is that they give you all this foam to wrap wires with to eliminate rattles yet the tuner is stuck to the floor and not bolted. I feel a good jolt and it will go flying. There has to be a braket for this like the amp. However, it seems pretty sturdy.

- This chat on this link was helpful in installing the tuner.

- I connected the wires up (ground, antenna, and wire to head unit) and I was off and running.

- I tested and cleaned up and was set to go.

- I called sirius and had them switch my old radio (I had a Starmate that stuck to the window) to this one. Easy as pie and I got 3 months free even though I've been signed up for years.

- I fired up the car and it worked fine. I started to change stations and noticed I was not getting details (channel, artist, song, etc). If you press the AUDIO button it stays up there. You can set what you want to see using the Audio button but I have yet to master this.

- It appears that you use SEEK to toggle between categories (rock, pop, sports, howard, etc) and TUNE to go to specific stations.

- The sound is MUCH BETTER, actually superior to any SAT ratio i've heard.

I just need to figure out how to keep the Artist, Song, Channel name up there all the time as it goes away after you use the knob again. I find if you use the tune button instead of the knob the info stays. I will research on here.

Also, the only thing I will miss (and it may be here) is to be able to see what is on 4 or 5 stations at once. My little Starmate had 5 lines and you could see what was on 5 stations at once.

I LOVE SIRIUS. Not that Im advertising for them but if you are choosing, unless you are a huge baseball fan with a team outside of your market, I would go with Sirius (opinion). Between the music, news, NFL, NHL, NBA, NASCAR, Howard (who I did not listen to much before I am getting back into... its good), etc... its damn good.

OVERALL... EASY INSTALL. No major issues except I busted a skrew. I need to fix that at some point.


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Thanks for the great info! I just ordered Sirius from Grubbs yesterday. Your info will definately be a help!
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