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One of those dreaded alternator failure, replacement, still something wrong issue solved!

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Hi Family!

Recently had the alternator brake and battery light issue. In this case, I had a bad voltage regulator harness found while removing alternator. Soldered and shrunk a new harness on improperly. Had same issue as before new alternator.

Key issue: charging system tester reading "charging high". Limp mode after driving a few minutes, but brake and battery light are off.

Solved in this particular case by correctly wiring new alternator voltage regulator harness.

For some reason I can't get into the nicoclub manual to verify wire color coordination. However, this link is to a video where this very kind gentlemen layed it out very easily.

The harness being melted before the alternator was replaced, was most likely causing the limp mode symptom. Still yet, after I replaced the alternator, I mis-wired the harness and it still had the same symptoms. The old alternator may have very well been fine in this case with a bad regulator most likely. Unfortunately, I won't know the answer to that question.

107k first replacement of alternator!!

100% honesty : failed to securely tighten battery post terminals. My negative bolt rusted/rotted and I thought I was tightening it while it was actually just spinning. I didn't catch it till now. My fault I think. Probably caused heat at the alternator voltage regulator harness connections. I did notice some corrosion on the battery terminals at time of service lol.
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Hey good day...

Let me start by saying I Have a 2010 Nissan Murano Z51

QR25DE engine....:)

Im not sure if something similar happened to me but I've been driving quite fine and today out of the blue, the battery and brake lights come on.
I feel the van vibrate a bit when coming to stop and when I engage the air conditioner so the first thing to my mind was that the alternator is gone and I'm running from battery only.

Both lights were constantly on even if I tried revving the van (and it wouldn't rev much either).
after driving a bit I realize other lights on the dash started to come on but I had already shut off the radio and ac, unplugged chargers from the cig lighters etc just so that nothing would use any battery power.

I then noticed the VDC light on and shortly after the ABS light... So I'm thinking that the van is slowly shutting down non-essential services..... lol

finally light blinked on the dash and then van halted.. at a few intervals there was the smell of burnt rubber but thanks fully that wasn't my tranny or anything... ..

Later after inspecting the serpentine belt, I could tell that it got worn a bit ( So I may just get another right away).....

Reading a few posts they spoke about the alternator going bad and some spoke about the plug/wires being burnt

I noticed 2 connectors and 3 connectors to my alternator.... ...
1 - the main one with the 10 or 8-mm nut
2- a big 2-plug connector
3 - hidden in the back n very hard to reach with dismantling...another 2 wire connector, .. no idea what it is for
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I tugged on the 3rd one I just mentioned and the wires just came right out to connect the housing with the metal ends on them still, it sparked a lil too... ...

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This i will have to sort out and then check to see if i really will need to replace my alternator...

Oh, i bought the van with an alternator that had already been replaced.. and looking at the part number on my alternator, i realize the part number matches that of the Nissan rouge (12v \ 110A)

My original part number 231001AB1B - 12v\ 130A
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Good day!

Good find! Looks like you could try replacing that harness and see if it fixes all of your issues. Keep in mind that at least for the muranos, the alternator can be hit and miss lately on whether or not you get a good one and depending on the brand/cost. I say that because many of diyer here has reported bad out-of-the-box alternators or even ones that don't last very long at all. It was not fun changing the alternator and I dont want to have to do it again. BTW, I chose to drop the ac compressor to get the alternator changed out added a bit more time but alleviated the need to drain coolant and remove radiator/condensor. I got lucky with the Duralast gold so far, fingers crossed, knock on wood! Lol. Good luck and let us know how it works out!.

Yeah, I def will. A friend of mine is on his way to my location with my tool kit.

But what I wanna know... How different is the alternator for the VQ35de than the QR25DE...

one difference so far is that the VQ35de carries a 3-pin connector while the QR25de carries a 2-pin connector.

As for that connector that I'm not sure that is pictured in my post, I'm not sure what it is for but I'm kinda wondering if it has to do with the alternator sensing :)

For you to get to your alternator though, that sounds like ALOT OF WORK!!!!

Will update as soon as my kit is here
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Ok folks, quick update...

So I took the alternator out and pulled it and inspected it, everything look pretty normal, with no burning smell, no weird sounds or anything like that when u spin the pulley.
Cleaned it up a bit and put it back in the vehicle. Started the van with a jumper pack and as soon as the jumper pack was disconnected, the vehicle basically started struggling to keep up.

So my friends suggested trying a stronger battery, just in case mine was really on its way out.
So we put everything back together... Oh this is a battery that I was getting 12.5V from
Started the van... it was running though u could see it vibrating like it started to shut down a few systems...
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check the voltage of the battery...... I got 9.5v

so I will just go ahead and replace this alternator.

I didn't have my scan tool (not as advanced as the one in the video above) so I could scan the vehicle to know what's up.
But I know for a fact that it will show me that low battery voltage among a few other codes.

I also plan to run through as much wiring as I can n check ground connections.
I noticed I have a lil power steering fluid leak so I will check whatever wires/ground connectors or sensors are back there just in case oil may be messing with something else there...

Regarding the three-wire plug I mentioned, there seems to be some modification because the original alternator for the QR25DE in the Z51 Murano is rated at 130A (3 wires) and not 110A (2-wire plug)... Sorry, no pics of the voltage being tested... It was getting dark and the mosquitoes were out... lol...

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one thing I did notice though is that my AC compressor pulley is dancing... lol.. so I will have to get that addressed asap.. (that would explain the rough noise I hear few times when I come to a stop)

Though the condition of my belt looks good, I noticed that one side had more rubbing than the other..
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Sky, sounds like all 3 of us need new alternators. Good job getting that out and back in so quickly. That looks like a tough job. Did you take it out the front or the side? Did you disconnect AC lines? Or drain coolant/move radiator? I'm trying to decide how to tackle this.

Not at all.

I took it out from the top. The only thing I moved for a lil space was my coolant bottle.

I have the QR25DE engine so I would have more space in the engine bay than the VQ35DE whose alternator sits lower.
My sis has the VQ35DE in her 2018 Pathfinder. I replace a strut on it the other day.. n wow the power from that engine... lol

N Yeah. def sounds like the alternator is the issue for all of us.. Sigh........:confused:
Seems various owners experiencing similar issues with different causes. Almost everything pointing to the alternator.
I guess it is Weak point like the CVT transmission.

I started experiencing issues after changing the radiator neck on my murano.

Previous owners had water in the there so I drained the radiator, replaced filter neck n refilled with oil based coolant. But I realized every now n then I have had to top up with no visible leaking at all.
A friend suggested that there was water still in the engine pockets and it may be evaporating while vehicle in operation because it's mixed with the oil based coolant. The van does seem to run a lil hotter than before.

When my van shut down on me, wires to the alternator did feel soft...

I'm just here thinking about any n everything..
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