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I got this & completed it today.
It was focused on Nissan.

How would you reply for questions #3 to #8 ?

1) What vehicles manufacturers do you think of the most? (List all that apply)

2) Thinking about all the vehicles on the road; the great ones, the terrible ones, and everything in between... How would you rate your overall opinion of Nissan? (Choose one.)
Very good

3) How much do you agree/disagree with the following statements
1-Agree Strongly 2-Agree Somewhat 3-Disagree Somewhat 4-Disagree Strongly

a) Nissan is passionate about the way they design and engineer their vehicles.
b) Nissan is keeping up with the most important advances in automotive technology
c) Nissan believes in the products they make, more than other manufacturers
d) Nissan is a company I know a lot about

4) How likely would you be to recommend Nissan to someone you know?

5) Thinking about your next vehicle purchase, how likely would you be to consider purchasing a Nissan?

6) What does Nissan’s tagline “SHIFT_” mean to you?

7) What most impresses you about Nissan?

8) What advice would you give Nissan?

9) What make of car/truck do you currently own and drive? (List all that apply.)

10) What specific model of Honda do you drive?
(This was triggered by my answer from #9)

11) What are the model years of the vehicles you currently own and/or drive? (List all that apply.)

12) What is your gender?

13) What is your age?

14) Into which of the following brackets does your annual total household income fall?
(Please include income of all household members from all sources.)

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Geez, that number 3 is a tough one for sure. While I am relatively sure that Nissan is passionate about the way they design and engineer their vehicles, I'd have to sit down with Mr Fuji and see what makes him tick to give a strongly agree on A. I think I'd be more inclined to give a straight 2 to all of those choices under #3.

The breakdown between what Nissan produces and the dealerships promote and sell becomes the line of demarkation as far as I'm concerned. If they dealers took the customers more seriously, logged their complaints, listened to what we think are design flaws (windshield wiper, tics, paint, etc.) and put pressure on Nissan to affect changes in the next model year, then I'd say they were passionate and concerned and believed in what they make.

#8 Nissan, stand behind what you believe in with passion, but listen to what the consumer wants and needs and put the proper focus on solutions to existing problems.
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