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PA/NJ/NY Meetup tour?

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Hey, is anyone interested in a meetup of sorts in the MidAtlantic/Northeastern US? I haven't heard from anyone south of, say, Trenton, NJ, yet. How about a drive up through NJ, picking up more drivers along the way, up through the Westchester County, Tappan Zee area? That would give a nice scenic drive through some nice areas, and turn more than a few heads once we got above Route 78 or 80. I have a book "Weekending in New England" if anyone is interested in doing a weekend driving trip (my favorite kind).
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seaofdunes said:
id be interested
Cool, thanks for poking your head in! I'll be away the 1st 2 weeks of June and the week of July 4th. Let's see what other interest we can drum up.
Okay, 7 so far.. and with Doombringer in Flemington and msfiveiron off 78 in New Providence (and a personal friend), I expect it to go to 9. Did I count myself?? Hmm.. 10. Now we need some ideas on when and where to go. I assume most would be more interested in an afternoon meetup somewhere in a nice setting, like a Saturday daytrip.

If we meet somewhere like Westchester or Rockland County, I'm sure my wife would go for turning that into a weekend getaway somewhere like Cape Cod. But we wouldn't get in until laaaaate Saturday night.

I'm totally open for ideas, people. What would you like to do? Do any of you have ideas for parks or other settings we could target to meet at? A particular restaurant? Just to throw it out there.. there's the Tarrytown Diner on the Westchester side of the Tappan Zee directly across from the Tarrytown Hilton, with a nice big parking lot. Anyone want to host at their home with about 10 Muranos parked out front? :D I'm sure we could get some folks to come down from Connecticut to meet there. Stamford is, what, half an hour away?

Now, does this board have a group calendar? I'm away 5/29 to 6/14 and week of July 4th, but I'm pretty wide open otherwise.
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No, it hasn't happened yet. I like the idea of going to a car show, but I only know of the one at Javits -- which has already happened. I will be away until about June 16th, and away again July 2nd til the 9th or 10th. If someone knows of a place to meet, even a park in North Jersey with bbq grills or something -- I remember Echo Lake Park off 22 near Mountainside when I was a kid -- how does something like that sound? The NY crowd can easily make it down and the South Jersey crowd can make the hike up the Parkway.

Let's start talking dates... anytime on/after July 17th for me.
I don't know Roosevelt Park off the top of my head, but I'm up for it. Particularly with it being close to 287, its REAL close to Staten Island where Jaak said he'd like to visit family. Anyone in the NYC area mind coming down about half an hour below Newark Airport?

And as for Hillsborough, I used to work in Skillman (so I'd love it!) but I was hoping to get some of the NY and North Jersey crowd to come down, and it seems much easier to meet where the turnpike, parkway, and 287/440 all come together. Can we see some pics of Roosevelt Park?
Oh, okay, Mike. I remember MPM from growing up in Scotch Plains and living in Roselle Park for a while. Still don't remember the park, though. I once had a drunk driver pass me going the wrong way on Route 1 South there at the mall. (Not in the Murano, thank God :eek: )
Re: did this happen??

larry1960 said:
I have a 05 want to do mo in snow. Cool

Let me know
Larry .
05 all the toys
Hi Larry.. no not yet. I'm starting a new 2-month-long assignment in Long Island this week, and I need new rubber before I risk it with my baby in this insane snow.
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