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PA/NJ/NY Meetup tour?

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Hey, is anyone interested in a meetup of sorts in the MidAtlantic/Northeastern US? I haven't heard from anyone south of, say, Trenton, NJ, yet. How about a drive up through NJ, picking up more drivers along the way, up through the Westchester County, Tappan Zee area? That would give a nice scenic drive through some nice areas, and turn more than a few heads once we got above Route 78 or 80. I have a book "Weekending in New England" if anyone is interested in doing a weekend driving trip (my favorite kind).
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Road trip

SO when's evryone getting together for the big cruise or has it been done?????
I'm going to SC from June 5-14......otherwise anytime, ......there are some nice areas with some curvy roads in Hillsborough area of Jerz.......
Maybe back there somewhere, my friends own a WRX and a Porsche and they know some good curvy me.......and there are some parks out that ways too..........Echo lake ain't so bad, just rte 22 is pain in the bout Rossevelt in Edison, close to 287, Turnpike, and parkway...pretty big park, or Merrill Park is a good spot for a rally of MO's...... they have a biker rally there every spring, they just had it, that would be a cool place to strut around for the fine folks to see us MO owners....... :D
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