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I just had the opportunity to fill out an online survey that rated my experience with the service people and the dealership in general.
At the end of the survey, there was a section for additional comments and questions.

I listed a few design considerations that I and quite a few forum would like to see addressed in future MO models. These included the poor design of the front wipers, the substandard quality of the soundproofing materials and the paint that seems to chip so easily.

While I don't think that much will be accomplished by my suggestions, I just thought it would be a good idea to at least bring them to someone's attention at Nissan. Too bad we can't act as a lobbying force to get Nissan to focus on the things that we see as improvements to the MO. I understand that economics are heavily involved here and some things are done to keep costs lower.

I guess my main question to anyone here is about the paint quality. What differentiates the quality of the paint applied to a Mercedes as opposed to the paint applied to a Nissan, for example? If all auto manufacturers are dealing with EPA guidelines, where does the difference in paint quality originate? Does Mercedes use more levels of undercoating and more applications of paint than Nissan does? Where does the line begin? I realize as stated above that cost is a factor and what's being applied is technically not "paint". Any opinions?
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