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As much as I enjoy the quiet ride of my 2006 Murano, I really wanted a throatier, meaner sounding exhaust.

After reading the forums, I tried just removing the center muffler (which is just a resonator). That yielded a slightly louder exhaust that bordered on a rice burner sound. Definitely not a throaty mean sound.

Buying a $1000 Murano performance exhaust was out of the question. So I described the sound I wanted to my muffler guy and he suggested replacing the Murano muffler with a Flowmaster muffler for the V6 Camaro. My roommate happens to have a V6 Camaro, so I compared the two mufflers. Sure enough - the inlets and outlets are in the same place and the Camaro muffler is slightly smaller.

I had the Flowmaster Camaro muffler installed. Keep in mind, the center muffler was already removed. At idle, the Flowmaster exhaust had a nice deep rumble. But on acceleration, the noise was unbearable. So I went back to my muffler guy.

He put a 24" resonator where the original center muffler was located. The result... SUCCESS! The perfect exhaust sound!

Now the Murano idles silently from inside the car, and it has a barely audible low rumble outside the car. On acceleration, it lets out a sweet throaty growl. I love the sound of this car!

Total cost - about $350 installed.

Original look was preserved. The benefit of the smaller muffler is that - unlike the original muffler - it can't be seen from behind the car.
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