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I am pretty impressed with CVT. It is just perfect for this type of vehicle. So is its handling and the ride is just fine our my and my wife's taste. One thing that we both like about MO is that the interior is so wide that we can put our babysit in the middle and two adults can sit pretty comfortably.

I did not give much thought to MO till last week until I relized that this is really unique. I could've bought X5, RX, ML and etc and etc but after all the research, I chose MO SE AWD. This is a great package if you are looking for something sporty and practical.

Since there will be many people debating what models they should get. I say go testdrive. Dont believe what you read. It is all relative to what you are used to. The ride difference between SE and SL was marginal. If the major part of the road you drive is well paved, I would recommend SE. If you live in a place wit pot holes and patch works, you may consider SL.

It is interesting how well it drives on a hill. I guess CVT has a bunch of sensors to figure out whether I want torque or hp depnding on the slope:) ( I live in Seattle)

When I parked MO on the drive, I took a good look at it. I really liked how it looks from the back but boy..something was wrong in the front. Then I realized that it was the license plate holder!! I took it out and oh my.. what a different look! this is how MO is meant to be. I generally remove the front plate if it makes a huge diff. Yes it is required in WA but I have had never a problem with it with all my cars past years.

The dealer I got the car from the superb as well. No BS.
If you are in Seattle and consider MO, I can definitely recommend this dealer.
Oh.. I havent seen any other Murano yet on the road this week.. I love it.

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Nice MO

I for one am back you in your decision to buy the Murano over the ML X5 Lex and you didnt mention or the VW that seems to be in the same ball park. Looks good next to the little SLK. That is a great pair!
The CVT tranny is so sweet everyone that rides in my MO comments on how smooth it is. But i am with you on the damn plate holder on the front. Living in NH we need to have it on there or the long arm of the law will reach out. I got a nice smoked plate cover to blend it in with the under carrage.
There is a great Q+A put together if you want to know some nuts and bolts about the MO.

Good luck with it, should go better in the snow than the little benz. :18:
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