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Please help!! Key fell in

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Hello, a key fell in the slot underneath my gear shift plate. How do I get it out? Will it mess my car up? I have a 2021 Murano. Please Assit!
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Push the seat all the way back. You can than pull the bottom of the center console out and see if the fob has dropped down to that side.

If not, you can lift the entire shift selector finisher (Part 24) by starting back at where it meets the arm rest. Slide the bottom chrome piece of the shifter knob down and remove the clip to remove the shift knob to be able to lift the assembly up enough to get under it.

These two PDF will help you out. Different year, but still the same basic center console.

Good luck.

Have a good day.


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Hopefully PaulDay's advice has you sorted out. If that was your fob that fell in, it would keep you from locking the doors, right? I haven't tried it with my 2nd gen because I only have one fob but my other cars won't let me lock a key in the car. And the car would think the key is inside the cabin and would allow anybody that can get in to start it and drive off? I can't tell from your photo exactly where/how the key fell in but I'm thinking this must have been a standard kind of skinny key like a house key to fall into whatever small gaps there are in the shifter trim. Even my traditional chip keys for my cars are pretty fat and would have a hard time fitting into any crevices.

Little off topic story but I saw a crazy no-start diagnosis video that was caused by a coin that was placed on the info screen of a 1st or 2nd gen and it slipped inside the dash and fell right into a coin sized slot in the hvac control pcb container and was located perfectly to short out the can bus and disable the car. So you never know what might happen.
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it would keep you from locking the doors, right?
2010 Oz model, I can lock the car as long as the other fob is sensed by the car.

a crazy no-start diagnosis video that was caused by a coin
I saw that too!
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