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Would you interested converting halogen to HID and Projector

  • Yes of course. I have halogen and i regret it.

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  • Yes, HID is the way to go with this MO.

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  • Nope. Reasons?

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Just wanna help
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My murano does not have HID.

HIDTECH, a company who is experienced in retrofitting halogen to bi-xenon projector with hid setup is willing to make my car as pilot. They have performed various conversions for honda, acura, mercedez, VW, audi, BMW angel eyes, and much more with successes.

What they do are:
- take out the halogen headlight, insert hella bi-xenon projector eyes, machine it to look oem, seal the headlight back.
Bixenon will not make the murano looses the high beam function.
If you simply buy 9007 HID kit with rebased bulb, then you *will* loose the high beam. I think it is dangerous, even the argument that you dont mostly need high beem.

- put d2s HID bulb and hella ballast
You can choose to use philips 4300K or philips 6000K ultinon bulb.
They do not use re-based HID bulb, so your setup will be like 'oem' with D2S HID bulb. In the case the bulb is burnt, you can go to local nissan dealer/infinity and buy regular D2S HID bulb.

Overal cost including labor is $800 max, that is the estimate that they give me. All you have to do is shipped the headlights to them, turn around time is usually 2 - 3 days. Or you can drive to their place, in NYC and wait on the setups.

I want to get a glimpse on how many forum members are interested with this conversion so that i can tell the guy at hidtech "how much business" they might be getting in the future, after doing mine. I am planning to do mine on february, latest march.

You can pm(personal msg) me if wanna gang up on this setup.
I am in maryland-dc area.,
email them if you want to inquire, say that you are from nissanmurano forum.
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