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I am a noob and thought that this might be a good deal, but from what you are telling me, these are just cheap alternatives and actually pose danger to others. I will definitely not go w/ this stuff.

Just curious njjoe, are these true of all plug-n-play lights? I am sure this topic has been covered many times, but any recommended HID lamp housings?

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IMO we really don't know

If these would cause a glare problem or not. If the pattern is not changed would they? Why would the pattern be changed. Does the source get positioned in a different place?

No saying I know they would not cause a problem but would like some evidence that they do.

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Re: IMO we really don't know

quoted from

JDMLyfestyles said:
I really hope this thread can help you guys. Ur making the road more dangerous than it already is by adding a HID kit to your car. so please do HID the right way by doing a retrofit.

HID kits are illegal due to the glare that they cause. Glare is Light that is emitted in a Uncontrollable path. When light is traveling in a uncontrollable path it can hit other vehicle operators affecting there vision because of the High amount of uncontrollable light that is being Emitted from a HID kit in a standard Halogen housing. If you have ever turned a flashlight on right in front of your face while it is dark out, that is the same feeling that the other drivers on the road experience from a standard HID kit.

OEM Vehicles such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus are all equipped with HID or Xenon Headlights. Some use reflector housing�s without projectors. Others use HID projectors.

The Lexus IS300 is a Prime Example of a HID reflector housing. It does not use a Projector. It uses a Specially designed Reflector housing that is meant to use HID. This does not create the Super sharp cutoff. But it does control where the light is being Emitted.

Other vehicles such as the Honda S2000 Use HID projectors, These Projectors are meant to use HID. They are Specially Designed and have been tested Hundreds of times to get the right projection of light while maintaining a Good Cutoff.

Here are pictures of Halogen housings mated with a HID kit

9006 6000k HID Kit... mad glare

This teg is a prime example of Glare. This is what it looks like to oncoming traffic

Disaster pix. HID kit in Halogen Housing


This is what HID is suppose to look like.. Pictured is a STi

Talk about a Razor Sharp Cutoff. Pictured is a S2000 OEM setup

another S2000 Retrofit� YUMMY

Article stating why the kits are illegal.

Comparison.. Pictured is a Acura TL-S with HID from the factory vs H4 6000K civic
See the difference?

Its not just honda's either. Here is a mid 90's Lexus with a HID kit..

To date, NHTSA has investigated 24 HID conversion kit suppliers; all investigations have resulted in recalls or termination of sales.

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Thanks Now I am convinced

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