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Will be moving to Cleveland Ohio soon and was contemplating replacing my MO with something that can pull a 5000 lb boat and trailer. A local wholesaler had a lightly used 2004 Porsche Cayenne S for sale so I figued I'd go try it out. Man, what a disappointment. The interior was VERY spartan, the Toureg version has a much nicer interior (and I'm sure the Audi Q7 will have an even better on), the ride was very loud and harsh, the acceleration felt like it had turbo lag (but the "S" is a non-turbo), it was a bear to steer at low speeds. and the cup holder was a joke at best. IMHO, My Mo felt faster, accelerated much smoother, and simply has a much more luxurious feel than the $25+k more Porsche. The only thing that impressed me at all about the Cayenne was it unflappability in high speed cornering, but it wasn't anywhere near enough impressive to make me want to trade in my Mo.

The next car I tried was an '06 Saab 9-7x that had a $4000 rebate tag on it. I was actually impressed. I thought it was just a rebadged trailblazer with a Saab snout but the car actually handled quite well, the interior materials were of nice quality and feel, and the "ancient" 4 speed automatic transmission was suprisingly smooth and sprightly. It had a ton of of luxury features including standard XM radio, triple zone climate controls (people in the back seat can choose their own temperature), and perforted leather seats (it would have been nice if it had real Saab seats however and not just nicely dressed up Chevy seats). However the one thing that really impressed me was it's turning radius - that thing could turn on a dime! Overall the handling, braking, and acceleration weren't all that different than my Mo (despite it having 45 more horses under the hood) and it gets worse gas mileage so I couldn't really justify the cost just to have a boat towable ride.

The last car was the Toureg. The local dealers are offering $6000 off MSRP at this time so I figured I'd give it a look. The fit and finish was clearly above and away the best of the three. The seats were very comfortable and the cabin was extremely well appointed. Unfortunately I couldn't say the same about the driving experience. They only had a V6 in stock and boy, was that car a dog. It seemed like it took forever just to get up an on ramp and then up to highway speeds. It also handled like the big heavy truck that it is, nothing like the Mo or Saab. It was clearly not designed for spirited driving.

So, after all it said and done, it looks like I'll be sticking with the Mo for now. Maybe I'll just end up getting two cars, a used MR2 or Miata for commuting and fun, and a Jeep Liberty CRD for dragging around the boat.
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