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Greetings everyone,
I had a recent problem as I was on a road trip with the family on 2013 Murano AWD.

Suddenly, power steering fails while driving. I pull into a gas station, pop the hood and noticed the reservoir was damn near empty. I buy a bottle of power steering fluid, fill it half way and drive around the gas station lot with no luck, but noticed the drip and empty reservoir again. From under the hood I didn't observe anything abnormal.

I ended up taking it to a dealership, and they stated the clip that holds the return hose failed which then caused the hose to rub against the drive shaft. That rubbing caused the hose to fail. I asked if it was related to the recall from 2 years ago and was told no because the recall was for just the pressure hose. I asked if it would be covered under warranty since it's CPO, and was told CPO covers just the drivetrain.

So $550 later, I was back on the road. I wonder how common my problem is.
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