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Buying a car in the US is such a trial, it used to be much easier in the UK, here's the price, buy it or don't (almost). This whole "Let me check with the business manager" deal drives me nuts.

I've been looking at Pathfinders, XTerras and the Murano. I finally decided I'd look for a used Murano as it has all I want and should save me a few dollars, little did I know.

My local dealer just got a used 04 in Copper with 30,000 miles, ex rental car. It'll be certified so I thought great, color I wanted and I'll save a few dollars too. It's an SL (04 base model) with no extras at all.

However... the price is $24,995 (sticker) with, it seems, very little flexibility. Fair enough I thought except other local dealers are advertising 2005 S AWD for $24,889 which, although I haven't got it in writing, seems to be genuine from calling them, we shall see.

Used pricing just seems a little bizarre!

Has anyone compared these three? For me it seems the pros and cons are:

Murano - more luxurious, more car-like drive, good AWD for Older model/style could affect resale but generally more attractive.

Pathfinder - At a similar price to the Mo comes with a hitch, sunroom and packages. Less legroom but an extra row of (small) seats. More "offroad capability".

XTerra - A few thousand cheaper at a similar level of spec, less legroom than the Murano. More "offroad capability".

The differences are so close I keep wavering back and forth, I think I need to get a dealer to line all three up side by side and poke around a bit. I'd be interested in anyones thoughts on comparing day to day life in a Mo as against a more rugged XT/Path.

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