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Re: Cross Bars

DrMurano said:
Well, when I bought my MO in August it didn't come with crossbars. Roof rails were standard. I don't think it is easy at all to take the roof rails off, on the contrary the crossbars are easy to remove. All it takes is a screwdriver and however long it takes somebody to undo 4 screws.

So to answer your question - YES, somebody can "borrow" your crossbars with the ski rack attached to it. With LowRiders they will have to undo the locks and than take the entire assembly off the car. Let me tell you this -- if somebody wants to take your sh.... , they will. BTW, to take the LowRider off, all they need to do is to take the lock cores out which can be done with a master key that is supplied with every box of locks. So technically all they need to do is to spend $20 on a set of 2 locks, take out a master key, take the cores out of your rack, take the rack, and than return the lock and get $20 back from the store.

I don't mean to put you into a panic mode, but that is why you have a COMPREHENSIVE coverage on your insurance for things like that.

I use the OEM crossbars but I mount my Ski box ( Yakima Rocket Box) on it, it is almost inpossible for anyone to take the box and rails off together and you cannot disconnect the the ski box untill you have defeated the box locks. Besides you would look pretty
stupid walking down the street manhandling a ski box.

Up where I live it is almost the norm to have a ski box, most people will not steal what they cannot see and it really protects the skis and bindings from road garbage.

I think the OEM crossbars from Nissan Canada are different from Nissan USA, CAnadain ones require the special screwdriver to undo or a metric allen wrench.

Winter has arrived, time to get the ski's and boards waxed up and ready to go.:18: :18:
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