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If I had wheels with +35 offset and I added a 5mm wheel spacer, does that make the offset +40???

Anyone here have 275/55/20 tires on 20"8.5" wheels???

I want to know if the tires rub on anything in the wheel well.

I know one person (Big Don) with the 275/55/20 on 20"x8.5" wheels combo (his wheels were +40 offset.)

My problems is my wheel offset is +35.

Currently I have 255/50/20 and I want to go 275/55/20.
I think it fills in the wheel well better without lowering the suspension. I hope the tires will be okay with my wheel's offset.... If not, I hope an easy remedy would be installing wheels spacers.

Thanks in Advance,


255/50/20 Tires

275/55/20 Tires

255/50/20 Tires

275/55/20 Tires
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