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I have a rattle in/around my glovebox whenever I hit a fairly good sized bump. My temporary solution was to use the business card trick, folding and quadrupling the thickness of card, then inserting it into the slot between the glovebox and dash. I even emptied the contents to make sure nothing inside the glovebox was contributing to the rattle.

This has fixed the problem 100%. I had the MO in for its 1st mileage check recently and informed the service manager of the problem. When I picked the car up he said that they "shimmed" the glovebox to keep it from rattling. Bunch of bunk if you ask me. I don't think they did anything since the rattling continued.

I just wonder if the glovebox is a bit off center or something like that? The business card wedge seems to square the glovebox off and hamper the rattling noise. Also, the rattle is not behind the glovebox and seems to come from the latch/lock mechanism on the glovebox itself.

Taking the car in again soon for the second checkup and I'll demonstrate my 25 cent fix to the service techs, lol.
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